Dear Junot Díaz

Dear Junot Díaz, So, it’s been a few weeks and I still can’t seem to get you off my mind. That means it’s time to write you the letter. The, I'm completely over you; I’ll stop stalking you on social media letter (but let's face it there's no way I'm going to stop stalking you … Continue reading Dear Junot Díaz

My First ‘First Date’

I went to bed nervous. I woke up nervous. No, I wasn’t having surgery, public speaking, or even going to the dentist. I was going on my very first date. I met him on Tinder. When we started talking on the app he was pretty straightforward, he asked me for coffee right away. My therapist … Continue reading My First ‘First Date’

I Tried Sexting

Let the record show that I wasn’t sexting someone I knew. I wasn’t sexting someone I had, even, met. We matched on Tinder, the beginning of every love story. It was 2:40AM so I wasn’t expecting a love connection. He looked like an interesting person, with an attractive face, which is why I swiped right. His first … Continue reading I Tried Sexting

Dear Ernest Hemingway

Dear Ernest Hemingway, I’ll probably never see or talk to you again and I don’t want to ever see or talk to you again. Do I regret the choices I made with you? We met on Tinder and I don’t even remember swiping right, but I do remember swiping right to a lot of guys … Continue reading Dear Ernest Hemingway