Love Will Always Trump Hate

I want to believe that love can trump hate. I don’t understand. I don’t understand what allows people to hate as much as they do. Hate is such a strong word, but people throw it around so much more than they throw around the word love. I will always love before I hate. I will always choose empathy before indifference. I will always admire before I condemn. I don’t care if that makes me naive or gullible. I will always choose to be naive and gullible over being jaded and cynical. I refuse to be engulfed in hate. I will never let that happen to me.

Hate doesn’t solve anything. Building walls do not bring us closer together. Banishing people because they’re different does not solve problems it causes them. Hate causes destruction. There are so many hate groups in this world, so many hate crimes and acts of hate. There are so many bullies and oppressors. Hate divides us and then it breaks us. Hate breaks you down and leaves you stagnant in a world of greed and selfishness. Hate is a burden to carry around. It’s like an expensive brand name handbag. It’s way too expensive and gaudy but people still choose to carry it around in hopes that It’ll gain them some people’s “respect.” Some of us have realized that the cost of one of these handbags is never really worth the price. We’ve realized that expensive hate is much more like a burden and less like an accessory. Some of us choose to carry around love. I choose to carry around love in a day in age where you’re not supposed to. You’re not supposed to wear your heart on your sleeve. You’re not supposed to trust or have faith in people. But, I’d rather love and get hurt than hate and be miserable.   

Love is so much more than hate will ever be because love is made up of happiness and joy. Love can be shared because it’s forever growing. We continuously have celebrations of love. There are birthdays and weddings that we celebrate with the people we love and keep close. There is undying love. There is unconditional love. There is self-love. There is the love shared between partners and the love shared between families. Love can flourish in the darkest of times. Love keeps you going when you believe there is no place else to go. Love helps us progress in a world where progression and change are often feared.

We must stand up against hate with love. It may seem like on November 8th hate won, but love will allow us to fight back. Love allows us to clearly see what must be done. You can’t fight hate with more hate because two wrongs don’t make a right. Fighting fire with fire only causes a bigger flame. Take your sadness and disappointment and turn it into love. In the words of Michelle Obama, “When they go low, we go high.” Love is the strongest weapon to use when tackling hatred because it knows no bounds. Love will bring us with all our differences and similarities closer together.   

I will take a stand against hate with love. The only way to stop hate is to love. A world without love is a world I would never choose to live in. It’s not easy. If it were easy we’d have world peace and we don’t. Loving takes time and it takes understanding. Love is smart and hate is senseless. Hate is easy because it’s easy to push away differences and to dismiss people unlike yourself. But we must never judge someone based on something they cannot change. It’s difficult to let people in and to hold them close. But love is worth the trouble. Love brings progression and equality. Love will always be worth it.

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