The 10 Guys You See on Tinder

1.“The Abs”
This guy is a personal trainer. When he’s not busy lifting at the gym he’s taking shirtless selfies in his bathroom mirror. He may seem like a total tool, but his abs are amazing.
2. “Dog Dude”
One of his pictures has to be with a puppy to show that he’s “soft” and “adorable.” He may not be your type but if you swipe right you might get to meet his cute husky pup.
3. “The Guessing Game”
This guy’s first picture is a group photo. Of course, you’re left wondering; “Is he the hot one?” You swipe through to the second picture and it’s always the same outcome… He’s not the hot one.
4. “The 18-Year-Old”
Sure, you look through his pictures and he’s actually kind of cute and interesting. He’s 23, but you go on to read his bio and it says “18 not 23.” You quickly swipe left and try to forget that you almost became a cougar.
5. “The Foreigner”
This guy is gorgeous, he’s tan and fit, which means he’s definitely from a European country and is only in your area for a week. Swipe right and you may get to hear a hot accent before the week is over.
6. “420 Dude”
This guy’s all about “good vibes” and is definitely smoking in one of his pictures. In his bio, he makes it incredibly clear that he’s “very 420 friendly.” We get it, you smoke weed!
7. “The Model”
This guy is great looking. His hair is amazing. His skin is amazing. He’s altogether amazing. There is no way he’s real, this is definitely a catfish. But, It’s a match!!
8. “That Guy From Your High School”
You’re scrolling through guys when you see a familiar face. Oh god! It’s that kid from your 3rd-period math class in 11th grade. You know you want to swipe right just to see if it’s a match.
9. “The Traveler”
His first picture is him scaling a mountain and the second one he’s snorkeling in the Pacific ocean. He’s traveled all over the world and has a bunch of great stories. There’s no way you’re as interesting as he is.
10. “The Fuccboi”
He obviously uses Tinder purely for hookups. His first message to you will be somewhere along the lines of “Your place or mine?”

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