The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Jackie Bretts

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Jackie Brettschneider who made increasingly poor decisions when it came to the men she decided to get involved with.

This is the story of a psychopath whose charming good looks were just too much for poor Jackie to handle.

He lived with all her closest friends. He came out of nowhere, just the roommate who lives in the attic. She was immediately interested in this new handsome boy she had never met before. Well, they met and she could tell he was interested.

She asked her trusty friend Christian about his whereabouts. “Don’t! He’s a womanizer.” How didn’t Christian know that would make her want him even more?

She came over to the house one evening to enjoy some beers with her friends. When guess who walks in. There he was, she felt daring and told him to finish her beer and he did. She then insisted he let her drink some of his alcohol in exchange. She was quite the player. She’d soon be the one being played. She went all the way up to his room at the very top of the house. She shared a drink with the boy and talked about who knows what. He was putting on the moves and when he went in for the first kiss. She turned her head.

It was awkward, very awkward. He darted away from her. She ran after him, grabbed his tie (he had just come from work), she thought doing this was oh so cool. She kissed him and then pushed him away.

He asked for her number and he said he’d take her on a date.

She needed a ride home back to her house. Friends were deciding who would take her home when she received a text from the boy.

“How bad do you want me to take you home right now?”

She wanted oh so badly for him to take her home. Shocker! The thought of this guy wanting her made her feel oh so good about herself.

They went on a “date” the next day. He pulled up to her house with his fancy car. They didn’t go out to eat or to see a movie. No, he took her to a park.

“On the first date with him, did he pay?” “No, because we went to a freaking park.”

Brace yourself bad choices are coming.

She made out with him; on the grass, on the way to a bench, on the bench. Were people walking around? Of course, because they were in a freaking park.

When people did notice them he was quick to tell them “she’s my sister.” The embarrassment still didn’t penetrate her heart because she still wanted him.

He asked her to “Finish him off in the car.” She said NO. She still wanted him.

He dropped her off.

She returned to the house later that week, intoxicated and ready to do something stupid. She ran to his room, but he wasn’t there. She noticed a pill bottle and she recognized the medication. It was the same exact depression meds she takes. She was astonished by this discovery.

How could this man, with zero regard for others be taking the same meds she had struggled to receive. She cracked him!

She stupidly ran downstairs and found him and told him

“I take the same meds as you!”

That’s where it ended. He never took her on another date.

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