IMG_4627Jackie Brettschneider is from and currently resides in Brooklyn, NY. After graduating high school, she attended Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ. There she was an anthropology major and a history minor. She graduated Rutgers in 2016 with a B.A. in Anthropology.

She interned at the Center for Jewish History in Manhattan during her senior year of college. She was responsible for writing blog posts on their website, “The 16th Street Blog.” Specifically, she chose to write about Jewish women and how they’ve impacted feminism because of her interest in feminist/women’s issues.

She was later hired to write for a website called “Her Daily.” She wrote articles on women’s health and some more lighthearted comical pieces about dating culture.

Alongside that, she wrote for “Thought Catalog” where she was able to reach a larger audience. Her pieces published on Thought Catalog are mainly personal essays relating to sexism, dating culture and women’s health. She’s proud to say that her pieces on that platform have been shared over 1000 times.

She also has a book of poetry and short essays that she self-published with some fellow writers. The book, called Evol, is currently on sale on Amazon here.

She’s currently working as a freelancer specializing in funny first-person essays and opinion pieces on women’s issues.

Art by: Ambivalently Yours